The Edgelands is an atmospheric adventure set in the present day, based on real and imagined folklore.

Beginning in a house in the forgotten rural backwoods beyond the City, you soon find yourself exploring an uncanny rustic twilight landscape in which familiar rural landmarks overlap with otherworldly occurrences, creating a dream-like blurring of the ordinary and the supernatural.

The Edgelands is focused on exploration and atmosphere, not brain-taxing puzzles and inventory juggling. It is a sedate and eerie experience, with an ambiguous narrative designed to enhance the mood of dusky ramblings in mysterious places where urban and rural environments overlap.

An evocative electronic soundscape responds and adapts to your actions as you interact with the environment and it’s inhabitants.

The Edgelands is a proud recipient of funding from Fundbetter, the initiative set up by Failbetter Games, developers of Sunless Sea and Fallen London.

“Striking visuals and a killer soundtrack “ – PC Gamer

“Superbly Evocative” – Rock Paper Shotgun

“A powerful, personal experience, well worth spending a hazy evening with” –

“Compelling and beautifully written” – PC PowerPlay

“One of the most creatively surreal and bizarrely enthralling indie games of the last several years” – Starburst Magazine

“The Edgelands knows the power of sound design” – Kill Screen

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